Join Peter Smallwood on a Port Phillip Bay fishing charter/Bass Straight fishing charter for Snapper Kingfish Whiting calamari and more. Find out more about the charters we offer and the species we target on charter in the Charters section below.



All you need to bring on the day is something to eat and drink, plenty of warm clothing (you can’t put it on if you don’t have it, but you can always take it off if you do), sensible footwear (thongs are not a good idea), sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. An empty esky left your car is also a good idea so you can transport the fish home.

A fishing license is also required and can be purchased online HERE.

Alcohol in moderation is allowed but we don’t encourage it. Fishing is a two hand sport!
In order to alleviate the chances of sea sickness we advise that you don’t have a big night the night before your trip and have a good feed before you get on board. If you’re unsure about sea sickness, you may wish to consult your local pharmacist about medication.


Big Red Fishing charters offers two pickup locations on both sides of Port Phillip Bay, Queenscliff and Portsea. See the maps below for exact locations.

Queenscliff Public Boat Ramp

Departure point from Queenscliff is the public boat ramp, referred to as Jordan Reserve. Parking is charged once you cross the railway line so we encourage you to either park on the grass outside the reserve or to park in Bridge Street and walk around the shore line from the bridge. This should save you approximately $12.

Portsea Pier

Departure point from Portsea is the Portsea Pier. Portsea pick ups require an extra 40 minutes of travel. As the boat consumes around 70 litres of fuel per hour and extra staff time, they will incur a surcharge.

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